Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 8th July 2003.

Present: Jess Have Nielsen (JHN), Wayne Panton (WP), Richard Edwards (RE).
Keith Darlington (KD), Dimitri Mayaux (DM), Stavros Evangelakakis (SE)
Jonathan Hill (JH)
Emmanuel Boulot (EB) – outgoing member

JHN proposed the following agenda:
1. Approval of the agenda
2. President’s report
3. Treasurer’s report
4. Election of the committee
5. Organisation of teams and election of team captains
6. Sponsors
7. Activities to be implemented
8. aob

Item 1

The members present approved the draft agenda and the meeting was opened.

Item 2

JHN (the President) congratulated all the members of the club for a very successful 2002/2003 season. He thanked EB for his particular contribution to this, and previous, successes and wished him well for his new challenge with Arlon. The 2003/2004 season will likely be much harder so JHN asked for strong commitment from all players. He also stressed that any potential new players should be encouraged to take their medical test and register with the Federation as soon as possible.

Item 3

The Treasurer referred the meeting to the Income & Expenditure report circulated. He highlighted the main points of interest: The net deficit for the year was largely due to increased spending on training and match related costs. Subscriptions at EUR750 were the highest recorded by the club. Sponsorship monies more than paid for the new shirts and efforts should be made to continue seeking new sources of funds.

The meeting discussed the subscription rate and it was unanimously decided to keep these at the same level i.e. EUR50 per player.The club continues to hold a reasonable level of funds which could be aimed at training and other related club activities.

Item 4

It was unanimously decided to keep the committee unchanged. Therefore the composition will be as follows:
President – Jess Have Nielsen
Vice President – Dimitri Mayaux
Treasurer – Wayne Panton
Secretary and FSL Representative – Richard Edwards
Public Relations/Sponsorship – Stavros Evangelakakis
It was also decided to remain with the same auditors.

Item 5

As EB will be leaving the position of 1st captain is vacant. JHN proposed that KD and RE be nominated captains of the 2nd and 3rd teams respectively. They will also be in charge of selecting and organizing the 1st team.
JHN would like to encourage the use of the “Blogger” website for posting teams etc but will also investigate other methods
There are several (2-4) potential new players and JHN requested that those current members who were in contact with these people should help to organize medicals and transfer forms (if necessary) in order for them to be available at the beginning of the season.

Item 6

SE will continue to liaise with the Sheraton regarding their ongoing sponsorship but there is still room for other companies/institutions.

Item 7

In order to promote the social side of squash, at home games the team captains should offer after-match drinks ( i.e. jug of beer) to the visiting team. This cost will be billed to the club (invoices to WP).
Monday night training sessions will start again soon but these will be organized within the club and will not use the services of Nathan at TS. However, SE proposed to negotiate with Nathan a special rate for individual lessons (euro 12 per lesson for example). If successful, this would allow Angels players to take 2x40mins lessons with the coach. WP stated that the club has sufficient cash to meet this cost. SE will speak to Nathan.
RE suggested that the Angels could organize a “fun” tournament at TS, preferably on a Friday night. JHN requested that RE and WP look into this further and make a proposal for the format of such a tournament.
It was also suggested that the noticeboard that is available for the Angels at TS be used again.
The idea of having an “Angels weekend” was also proposed. Perhaps watching a tournament and/or playing a team from another country.

Item 8

Once again, the idea of integrating golf into the club’s activities was brought up. With so many keen golfers in the club, it could be interesting to try and organize some Angels events.

There being no further business to attend to, the meeting was adjourned.

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