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Richard Edwards

OK, my turn now 🙂 I arrived in Luxembourg in early 1986 and have worked for a variety of banks since then. I am English (well, nobody’s perfect :-/!) and have been together with my Italian girlfriend, Antonia, for over 10 years (she must be nuts!). Apart from squash, I do some cycling and a bit of jogging. Also enjoy skiing and I hope, one day, that Jess will let me play with his golf clubs ;-). I hope the new players will enjoy the Angels Experience, its quite unique 8-)!!

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Well fellows you need a day to learn more about me :)-
Very quick, I came to Luxembourg 1987 and started working with Hotel Intercontinental, at 1 Sep 1988 a new era started when I joined Cargolux , met Stella and the rest is history, married, 2 children, a Van, the dog is missing though.

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