Squash rackets galore

Angels enjoying a chicken curry!IMG_5589.JPGWe enjoyed a good round of testing at Top Squash on Monday the 1 October, where Nathan provided us with plenty of rackets to test. The club members could buy rackets at a discounted price—the more the cheaper of course. Afterwards we enjoyed a nice chicken curry at the club.
Another member joined the over-40 club by the way: Congratulations Richard Smile!

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  1. Wayne says:

    Hi everybody
    Looks like the summer training has paid off with a good start to the season. Hope everybody is well and Rich hasn’t asked for a middle age sympathy on court. Must say he doesn’t look a day over 45.

    Squash here is not for those looking for a cool night out – temperatures are steaming and there’s absolutely no drink driving unless you like taking trains! In the short time we’ve been here I have been breathalysed 10 times including once while 4WD on a beach. Take care and please keep up the web site updated.

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