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Dimitri Mayaux

Dimitri has also been with us from the start. Born in Russia, he grew up in France, studied in England, so he’s multi-talented. He even knows how to change the occasional tire on your car! He’s married to Véronique and they don’t have any children yet icon_smile.gif

Should you ever need any advice on Russian or Eastern European issues he’s your guy. Apart from squash he’s known to be a bit of a music fanatic and very interested in cooking and wine (the latter is an interest many of our club members share). Currently he is our vice-president.

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Mikael Lundstedt

We move on with the presentation: Mikael is our only “active” Swede. He’s married to Josefine and they have a beautiful daughter Emma (about two years now I think… And they are expecting another baby!
He works at Dexia, but has decided to stay and play with us (as you know, Dexia has separate squash teams).
Mikael has been here a couple of years now, more than three I think, and his squash has improved a lot He’s a good golfer as well. On court his weak side is his temper (well, a bit like me )

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Richard Edwards

OK, my turn now 🙂 I arrived in Luxembourg in early 1986 and have worked for a variety of banks since then. I am English (well, nobody’s perfect :-/!) and have been together with my Italian girlfriend, Antonia, for over 10 years (she must be nuts!). Apart from squash, I do some cycling and a bit of jogging. Also enjoy skiing and I hope, one day, that Jess will let me play with his golf clubs ;-). I hope the new players will enjoy the Angels Experience, its quite unique 8-)!!

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Eric Geelen

On my previous request Eric promptly send me a quick biography of himself, so here goes:

“Concerning my own presentation, I can imagine the tough time you would
spend so I will help you as far as I can (never easy to speak about

  • 2 young girls of 8 an 4 years old, maritally living
  • Belgian coming from Liège (and proud of it, as all ‘liégeois’ are)
  • Got a degree in Economics at HEC Liège in 1993
  • Working in the financial sector (as so many people in Luxembourg) for 9
    years with the same Bank
  • Started squash a few years ago because it is one of the sole ‘individual’
    sport that you can play whenever you want even in the winter, which is very
    interesting when you want to focus on your familly and your job but be able
    to make sport. It became a passion because it is physically demanding (I
    need it to get rid of stress, keep fit, etc.) but also technically, and
    strategically very interesting. The game I play is more based on my fitness
    than on technical skills (sometime unacadmical) which leaves much room for
    improvement. I joined Angels to meet players and by the way improve my
    squash & my poor knowledge of the rules. I will do my best to help the club
    during next season.
  • Other sports: jogging, cycling, tennis (during summer)”
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Jess Have

To start off the presentation of the club’s players I will, as promised, start with myself. I’m 36 years young icon_smile.gif I’m married to Tina and we have a son, Sebastian Philip, who is 4 years old. I have been in Luxembourg for the past 11 years and I work for the European Court of Justice. My main interests are golf, squash and computers. I’m president of our club and looking forward to an exciting new squash season. And I’m Danish Smile