Training session

Anyone interested in a training session on the 24 March at 7 pm. at Top Squash call or e-mail me.


Angels 2-BGL

Hi all,

ANGELS 2 beat BGL last night 3-1 (9-3):

Manu (B1) beat Sandra Denis (B2): 3-0
Stavros (B1) beat Jean-Paul Friedrich (C1): 3-0
Dimitri (B2) lost to Olivier Marlot (C2): 0-3
Eric (C1) beat Anthony Smith-Meyer (C3): 3-0

After 2 games we have 10 points.

Next game against Dexia 1 next Wednesday (March 19) at Top Squash at 7pm.


Relayed info

Message from Michelle Knoglinger

L’Equipe Juniors de Luxembourg, regroupant les meilleurs joueurs garçons et filles de 10 a 18 ans, a recu samedi 8 mars 2003 ses T-shirts, sponsorises par LAB.
La Federation de Squash remercie LAB et Patch LOWE pour leur aide precieuse a la promotion du squash a Luxembourg et aupres des Jeunes.
Ce week end les Juniors partiront a Metz pour le troisieme tour du Circuit Jeunes Lorraine.
Nous leur souhaitons bonne chance,
Pour la Federation,


First team out

OK, so the first team is out, BUT don’t forget that we have still have two teams in the running to move up a division, so keep going i.e. please make yourself available for the remaining games :-).

Good luck!

Relayed info Results


[yes, even French is allowed here 😉 /Jess]
Voici les resultats du 3e tour de la Coupe de Luxembourg Hommes:
– Ettelbruck / Lazy Lob 1 0-4
– Communities 1 / Angels 1 3-1 / 10-3
– Dexia 1 / Communities 2 2-2 / 6-8
– Ettelbruck 1 / Arlon 1 3-1

Les demi-finales auront lieu ce vendredi 14 mars 2003 a 19 heures. Le tirage au sort a donne les rencontres suivantes, les equipes citees en premier devant organiser la rencontre sur leur terrain et transmettre les resultats a la Federation:
– Lazy Lob 1 / Communities 1
– Communities 2 / Ettelbruck 1
Bonne chance,
Pour la Commission Technique,


Cup results

Hi all,

ANGELS 1 lost 3-1 (10-3) to Communities 1 on Friday night in the quarter-finals of the cup:

Christian (A 3) lost to Timmo Rinne (A3): 3-0 (9/2 – 9/1 – 9/7)

Manu (B1) beat Jarmo Niemi (A 3): 3-1 (9-5 – 9-7 – 2/9 – 9/2)

Stavros (B1) lost to John Sutherland (A3): 3-0 (9/6 – 9/2 – 9/5)

Keith (D1) lost to Georges Lamesch (B1): 3-0 (9/5 – 9/6 – 9/2)

Have a nice week.

Word from the President

Hello my fellow squash players

Albeit the season is coming to an end, we still wanted to start a blog for the club. On this page the president and team captains will post news and information concerning the club and related (even remotely) issues… Your comments are welcome.