Appraisals Photos


Nice photo Jess…..what a fine looking bunch of “clean-living” young men ..!!!

Anyway, just for the record, Angels 3 qualified from their playoff matches and will be attacking Division 2 next season. A personal thanks to all those who participated in this achievement, you thoroughly deserved to go up.

Congratulations to all 3 Angels teams, it was a mega-good season!!



Congratulations ! ! !

Second and third team both moved up. Third team earning 4 points after Petange 2 forfeited the game tonight. Pictures and the like from last game and following meal will be posted shortly.

It was decided to continue the squash on Monday nights during the off-season and reserve the Wednesday nights for golf outings at Kikouka and Preisch. Anyone interested in participating should let Jess know.

First outing would probably be 7 May at Preisch.

Appraisals Training

Well done boys!

Don’t forget our training session Monday night (24th) from 7 pm. onwards.

I’m working on a calendar to publish on this site, where we will be able to see all games and trainings sessions that are scheduled. What other activities could you think of? Mail me