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Happy Easter

The new web site is slowly but surely getting there. Our web design team hasn’t had much time to work on it, but at least to photo gallery is up and running. We will try to make more content available there. Any comments would be welcome.

Please note that you can pick up a feed on the posts and/or the comments on the site should you so wish.

The AGM will be held sometime in May. Further details will follow.

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Luxembourg Squash Federation – new web site!

The federation has a new web site! I don’t know how new it is, but I only discovered it today Smile
Anyway, the fixtures and all the useful information is there and is very accessible. Nice!
Only one thing missing: a possibility to contact the federation and/or any of the committees via the web site.
Screen shot of front page as of right now:

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Google Guide

For the search novices and expert wannabees: Google Guide: Interactive Tutorial Making Search Even Easier.
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