Clubs Open 2012

The Clubs Open will take place at Top Squash on the 13 an 14 January. Sign up at Top Squash or via

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Barbecue 2010

Yes, there is a bit of entertainment regarding the barbecue party held by Stella and Stavros in June last year in the Gallery as well as in this film

Thanks to Stella and Stavros for having us 🙂
UPDATE: the link to the movie now works…

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Ettelbruck Squash Open 2011

From our friends in Ettelbruck:


Where? Ettelbruck, Luxembourg

When? Friday 11 and Saturday 12 February 2010
Times? Friday: from 7pm to 11pm
Saturday: from 10am to 6pm

please be sure that you’re available for this whole period!!

Categories? all playing levels

Entry fee? 20€, includes a nice present – NOT a t-shirt!!

Entry form? just send a mail to

More info?

last entry: Tuesday, 8 February

All players will be required to mark/ref after their match.

Sign up if you are interested!


The Clubs’ Open 2011

Happy New Year to you all!
Please sign up for the Open held by the Top Squash based clubs on the 14 and 15 January. All levels are invited including a ladies’ draw. Entry fee only 20€. More information here.

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Article in 352LuxMag this week

Nice article relating the events when the Angels first team represented Luxembourg during the European club championship in Pontefract, England, in September is published in the printed edition of 352LuxMag.
The team didn’t manage to do much against their opponents, but it was a great experience for them.

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Season Opening Dinner 2009/2010

Asian Dinner

The Season Opening Dinner was last night, and I must say a very successful one! Many thanks to the Masset family for organising and letting the Angels taste some home made Asian food! It was delicious! Pictures (thanks to Romana) are in the Gallery.

The new season will be upon us very soon. The captain’s meeting is next week, where the schedule and the usual stuff will be presented to the clubs. The season is expected to start mid-October, so now is the time to get going and to dust off your rackets. That is if your a male member 🙂 Our female members are already working hard to be in shape for the start of the season.

Some of us will be at Top Squash on Friday night (25 Sep) to see if we still remember which end of the racket is used to hit the ball with. Feel free to join in!

Word from the President

Jill has joined the technical committee of the Federation

I’m happy to announce that Jill Streitz, one of our courageous female players, has agreed to join the technical committee of the Luxembourgish Squash Federation. She will represent our interests in the Committee and obviously try to make a difference for the female squash players in Luxembourg.